A Powerful Couple

OBoE is the On Board Director, allowing real time communication with the ground via the latest wireless technologies, GSM, LTE and, if needed, satellite.
Its GPS unit provides continuous and accurate position and speed (also updated in tunnels via sensor fusion dead reckoning), information thus monitoring train schedules and providing reliable information to passengers and operation control
NB3N Full 10G implements a full ethernet network that ties together all the components of the P.I.S.

The ultimate solution

Together with a ground operation room software, OBoE constitutes a formidable tool to manage and control a whole fleet of trains at a country level. A unique solution in the railway market, a game changer with:
· Fully automated deployment of journey data (with update on the fly, if needed, without human intervention)
· Complete management of the train asset be it in motion, in station or at rest in a railway depot.
· Full Passenger management, via continuous data collection about the actual passenger experience: people flow, O/D, temperature, humidity, alarms, etc .

Internet of Things, for real

A real IoT environment, where the Gateway (OBoE) validates device interactions (sensors, indicators, IoT enabled objects in general) in team with the Network (LTE) and the Cloud Manager (InfoTren™), to support an almost limitless range of new applications.
In Customer Care (seat allocation, on board services, entertainment, coach environment control), in Marketing (ticketing, advertising), in Maintenance (coach cleaning, real time monitoring of on board facilities), in Energy Saving (power absorption monitoring), in Asset Management (where trains and coaches are, maintenance, status, full asset history).

Ready for the Future

Many of such features are already in place, more will be added in the near times, without modification of the architecture of the system

Doesn't come from nowhere

OBoE is based on a customized Hardware solution with a tailored Linux distribution and Software environment, designed and maintained by SADEL.

SADEL, The Italian leading company in Passenger Information System and beyond...